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Justice Ganguly drank Bacardi and kissed intern’s hand

New Delhi, Dec 16 (): Justice Ganguly drank wine and Bacardi rum and tried to embrace the woman law intern. He kissed her hand and stated that he found her very attractive before declaring his love for her.

This statement recorded by the woman law intern to the Supreme Court panel was published in a national daily as part of the article written by Indira Jaisingh. Additional Solicitor General Justice Ganguly refused to quit from WBHRC chairman post and questioned the leak of the confidential report.

Narrating the sequence of events, the victim said there were two other persons apart from Justice Ganguly in the hotel room. Justice Ganguly told her that they were from All India Football Federation. She declined the offer made by Justice Ganguly to stay back in the hotel and finish the work. Justice Ganguly went ahead and asked the officials to book a room in the hotel. The officials left.

Since the internet was not working, she told the judge she cannot do any research without a net connection. At this stage, the Judge offered her wine and told her to relax in his bedroom. This suggestion made her uneasy and she told Justice Ganguly that she wanted to go back to her PG accommodation.

The law intern who worked with Justice Ganguly for 6 months was facing a situation like this for the first time. She told him as soon as the typing was over, a mode of transport has to be arranged to take her home.

Justice Ganguly meantime continued his hunt for a room. Failing to get a room, he suggested that she sleep in his bedroom. The lady’s anger was visible and the judge agreed to arrange a cab.

The Judge had finished the wine and moved on to Bacardi rum. Dinner was served. They both sat on the sofa eating the food when Justice Ganguly made his first move. He put his hand on her shoulder and thanked her for coming. She moved away from him. He moved closer and tried to embrace her. She left the sofa and sat on a single sofa. She stopped eating and went back to doing her work since she needed to bide time till the car came.

Justice Ganguly went up to her and declared his love and attraction for her. As she got up, he took her hand and kissed. The lady pushed him and left the room with her bag and laptop. The judge came running behind her, forced himself into the lift and apologized to her.