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Modi snoopgate: Entire family was tracked

New Delhi, Dec 15 (): Modi’s snoopgate has taken a new turn with fresh audio tapes exposing the claim that the girl was put on surveillance because her father had asked for it.

New tapes show that the girl’s entire family was tailed by the Gujarat police. Modi’s ministry initiated surveillance of a young woman and a senior IAS officer on orders by Amit Shah, home minister on orders from Narendra Modi in 2009.

Lawyer Mukul Sinha has tapes which show that Shah ordered IPS officer GL Singhal to keep the woman’s entire family under surveillance and all visits they had with IAS officer Pradeep Sharma, and even when the family was on a vacation trip to Bear Lake, without her. The recordings also show that the Gujarat police tailed her in Bangalore.

The Modi-led state government has said that the snooping was ordered after a personal request from the woman’s father who was worried about the risk posed to his daughter by Sharma.

According to Sinha’s website –  Gujarat.com, the audio tapes tell about the four occasions when Gujarat police had tailed the girl’s family even when they did not visit Sharma and did not have the girl with them.

Sharma is fighting a legal battle with the Gujarat government over corruption-related charges. Sharma said that Modi foisted false cases since he knew about the girl and Modi through Amit Shah having her tailed.

In one of the new tapes, Shah is asking IPS officer Singhal to increase the surveillance duty persons for a visit by the woman’s family to Sharma’s residence in Bhavnagar and in Pradeep Sharma’s visit to woman’s ailing mother in Ahmedabad. The girl’s father and family paid a return visit to Bhavnagar.

Shah was told about the woman’s location was North Banglore. The website says that the Narendra Modi’s tracking of the girl was not limited to her visits to Sharma.

Earlier, audio tapes revealed the use of Gujarat police in tracking the girl. Another set of evidence showed that the girl and her family were given big deals by the Modi ministry.