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Tamils in Kerala’s Attapadi asked to leave

Chennai, Dec 14 (): Tamils living in Attapadi area of Kerala have alleged that the Kerala government officials have asked them to vacate the land they bought from tribals, while Keralites who have also bought land from tribals are spared.

Kerala officials said they were not showing any discrimination and were asking all people who had bought land from tribal people, to vacate the land.

Tamils living in Attapadi, an area in Palakad district, said the officials have sent show-cause notices asking them to surrender the land which was bought from tribals. Tamils and Keralites have bought land from tribals.

In 1980, the Parliament passed an act by which lands bought from tribals should be returned back to whom they were allotted. The act was challenged by the Tamils in the Supreme Court; the court ordered that only those who bought more than 5 acres of land from tribals before 1986 should be returned, pointed out, Tamil Language Minorities Welfare Movement.

The Parliament act and SC order have not been implemented till now. After malnutrition deaths in Attapadi, political leaders and government officials blamed it on tribals not having land of their own. So, the Kerala government is going to implement the act and give the land back to tribals.

Gopalkrishnan says the government officials are sending notices to Tamils asking them to vacate the land and Malayalees who bought land from tribals are spared.

In view of this, the Tamil Language Minorities Welfare Movement is holding a meeting on December 18, while members of the ruling party have assured Tamils getting an appointment with the Kerala Chief Minister.

Condemning this, Kongunadu Mantra Kazhagam said as the election approaches, politicians in Kerala rake up issues like the Mullaiperiyar and Attapadi to start targeting Tamils, for getting votes.

Political leaders in Coimbatore region were not raking up this issue to safeguard the interest of Tamils in Attapadi, as Keralites form a sizeable vote bank in the district.

Ramachandran, Palakkad Collector said allegations that Tamil people are targeted are false and the land illegally bought from tribals as per the Tribal Land Act, are asked to be returned back. Her termed that it is a propaganda to create problems between the two States.

Attapadi witnessed infants dying of malnutrition. The region declared a liquor- free zone has the highest illicit liquor brewing areas. Most of the grants given to tribals go to buy liquor.

Tamil Activist Rajkumar Palanichamy, film director Mu Kalanjiyam, and student activist Edwin submitted a memorandum to Madras Kerala Samaj on this issue and the Samaj assured that they would forward it to the Kerala CM Oommen Chandy.