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Congress scared of AAP to go for early polls

New Delhi,Dec 12 (): Congress is likely to convene the Budget session before March and dissolve the Parliament and seek elections. The reason for going to polls before May is spurred by AAP deciding to contest Lok Sabha polls all over India.

Congress and BJP feel that by going to the polls early will make AAP on the back foot as it will not have the time to set up a campaign machinery.

In Delhi, AAP took a year ahead of polls to get the campaign started and did the groundwork through door to door canvassing. When Congress and BJP were not decided on the candidates and the latter not deciding on CM candidate, the field was left open to AAP. Congress CM had to tackle dissent from within. AAP faced none. If time is cut short, AAP would get a little time to set up an election machinery in other States.

Today, despite chaos in Parliament, the Congress government pushed financial business in the Lok Sabha and will introduce the Lokpal Bill in the Rajya Sabha tomorrow. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath said the government would take up Lokpal Bill on priority in the Rajya Sabha and then in the Lok Sabha.

Gandhian activist Anna Hazare has said the government must introduce the Bill within this season and he is on an indefinite hunger strike. Representatives of political parties and bureaucrats would come under this ombudsman.

In 2011, Anna and Kejriwal managed a huge anti-graft movement, kick-started by the 16-day fast by Anna which drew thousands of people. The government was forced to introduce the new law, which was cleared in the Lok Sabha, but voted out in the Rajya Sabha.

A new amended version by a parliamentary committee will be tabled and passed by both the Houses. The government had the supplementary demand for grants for the railway and finance ministry passed in the Lok Sabha.