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Industry enthused with announcement of Nov.2013 trade figures

New Delhi, Dec.11 (ANI): Indian industry is enthused with the announcement of trade figures for November 2013, with deficit at the level of USD 9.23 billion being the lowest since March 2011.

Another positive indicator is exports being 5.86 per cent higher in comparison to November last year.

“The Indian exporters are adapting to the changing world economic order and are making desired strategies to increase exports not just in goods but also in services. Hope that the positive momentum will continue,” said Sanjay Budhia, Chairman, CII National Committee on Exports and Imports, and Managing Director, Patton Group.

“The industry is looking forward to positive announcement on SEZ and FTP and restoration of DDB rates which have been cut substantially. Also, strong surge in exports is expected, on account of trade agreement signed at the Bali ministerial recently, which seeks to lower trade barriers and speed up the passage of goods through customs,” he added. (ANI)