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Delhi police asks CCTV footage of Justice A K Ganguly

New Delhi, Dec 7 (): Justice A K Ganguly is facing the heat from many women activists after an inquiry by a Supreme Court panel found him guilty of “unwelcome behaviour” and “unwelcome conduct of sexual nature” with a young lawyer intern in December last year. The Delhi Police asked the Hotel Le Meridien to provide CCTV footage of the day the incident was said to have taken place.

DCP (New Delhi) said that a verbal request has been made to the Le Meridien hotel management. A formal written request will also be given, he added. The intern had said that when she protested and walked out of the room , the Justice A K Ganguly came behind her till the lobby apologizing for his conduct. It is however unlikely that a year old CCTV footage is preserved.

On November 6, 2013, the intern from NUJS, writing on a blog about her experience was published in Legally India by publishing editor Kian Ganz. The woman alleged sexual harassment by a Justice on December 24, 2012. She did not name the Justice A K Ganguly as the Judge. Ganz later met the intern and has been in touch with her.

On Friday, Delhi Police said they will also question hotel employees in connection with the incident. One of the officers said a FIR can be registered only if the intern’s statement is recorded. S N Singh, Ex-Delhi University Law Faculty professor lodged a complaint with the Tilak Marg police, seeking filing of a FIR against Justice A K Ganguly.

Delhi Police sent an email to the intern, asking her to come forward to record her statement. An email was also sent to Legally India Editor Ganz, asking him to provide contact details of the intern.

Ganz wrote back to police saying the intern did not seem to be interested in making a statement before police since she had already made once before the Supreme Court panel.

Two days later, the woman responded to police email, saying she was not interested in taking part in a parallel process. Delhi police again wrote to the intern, asking her to name a place and time when they could meet and record her statement. She is yet to reply to this latest email.

Law Minister Kapil Sibal felt that the decision of the Supreme Court to wash its hands off saying the judge is a retired person is not right. He said SC was known for judicial activism and here it was not seen even after Justice A K Ganguly who has been indicted by the panel of unlawful behavior. He said that it cannot be shoved under the carpet.

BJP’s Arun Jaitley too shares the same view. TMC Mamata has sent a second letter to President of India asking that Justice A K Ganguly be sacked from the WB human rights commission.