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3 Lamborghinis crashed and burst into flames in Singapore

Seremban, Dec 7 (): Three Singapore-owned Lamborghinis crashed and burned in a pile-up in Malaysia Friday morning along the North-South Expressway near Seremban on Friday, December 6 at around 9.55 am. But all the occupants managed to escape unhurt.

Malaysia’s Berita Harian said the Singapore-registered vehicles were part of a convoy of five cars heading to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia’s North-South Expressway. Witnesses say one of the vehicles hit the road barrier and the other two cars rear-ended the Lamborghini, thus causing a fire. The crash caused three Lamborghinis to catch fire. Two fire engines and 14 officers arrived about seven minutes after the crash.

Negri Sembilan Fire and Rescue Department chief Norazam Khamis said one of the vehicles had been completely destroyed by the flames. Noone was injured, the drivers and passengers managed to escape from the vehicles unhurt.

Khamis said the cars were travelling to the capital of Malaysia for a car show. The cars were traveling at around 110 km/h, which is the speed limit in Malaysia, he said. Khamis added he did not think the cars were breaking the speed limit. One car was almost entirely destroyed by the fire and the other two were damaged beyond repair.

According to Yahoo! News, one RM4.8 million Aventador and two RM1.2 million Gallardo were a part of a convoy en route to Kuala Lumpur. Based on those figures, the Aventador would be priced at S$1.86 million (US$1.48 million), and the Gallardo at S$466,000 (US$372,000).

Photos of the burning cars are circulating in internet. The videos show a black, a green and an orange car engulfed in flames. According to online statement, the accident took place near the Seremban toll stations. Witnesses said the drivers of the luxury sports cars were safe and had left the cars behind.