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Babri Masjid no more an issue for Gen Nex

Lucknow, Dec 6 (): Babri Masjid demolition is 21 years old. Muslims and Hindus in Ayodhya and elsewhere are no more remembering December 6— the day Babri Masjid was demolished.

A new generation has come up. The police in States are the only ones who keep the day alive through check posts and frisking in a railway station. The fact that the Ayodhya issue is not on the agenda of PM-inwaiting Narendra Modi shows that it has lost the fizz.

In 1992, RSS Kar Sevaks from various parts of India descended on Ayodhya since they were told that Muslims built a mosque after demolishing a temple built to commemorate Lord Rama’s birth place. A portion of the Babri Masjid was pulled down, leading to bloody communal clashes across the country in which hundreds were killed.

Since then, RSS outfits celebrate the day as Shaurya Divas (bravery day), Muslims as Shok Diwas (a day of mourning). Usually Muslims do not conduct any auspicious ceremony on this day but last year, Muslims broke the practice, signalling that they wanted to move on in life.

Today, the 21st anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition falls on a Friday, the day when all Muslims descend for prayers in the noon at the local mosque.

Earlier, there were priests speaking about the injustice to the faithful but today the feeling is that it is only a political ploy by those who want to keep their vote banks. BJP and the saffron outfits keep talking about the Ram temple at the disputed site. Its PM candidate, Narendra Modi has said that toilets are more important than temples and his priority of building the statue of Sardar Patel.

Muslims are happy that Modi is focusing on development. In Ayodhya tomorrow Lord Rama’s marriage is celebrated and the tents are hired from Muslims. Muslims living in Ayodhya have not faced any trouble from the majority Hindus.

In fact, the flow of visitors to the place has increased and business has boomed for the Muslims. The younger generation of both the communities wants jobs to move on and not waste time on debates.

Police has posted PAC Jawans around Ayodhya and a water patrol on river Sarayu adjoining the site. No religious function of any kind is allowed today across the state.

Two courts in Lucknow and Rae Bareli have still not come to the conclusion about who demolished the Babri Masjid. Earlier the courts used to see crowds to hear the case, but today only the lawyers and the witnesses are present.