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Tehelka got Doordarshan contract and board membership

New Delhi, Dec 4 (): Tehelka founder Tejpal’s related company was awarded a funded contract by Prasar Bharti to produce a 52 episode series as part of the celebrations of 100 years of cinema.

A sum of Rs 2 crore was advanced to the firm. If the complaint of rape by a junior woman colleague of Tehelka had not surfaced then Tarun Tejpal would have been on the Prasar Bharti board. This fact comes at a time when BJP had alleged that Kapil Sibal and a section of the Congress had links with Tehelka founder.

Union minister for I&B, Manish Tewari seemed to have no clue on this. He said Prasar Bharati must have followed all standard procedures in sanctioning the 52-episode series to a firm in which Tehelka editor Tarun Tejpal had a majority share.

The I&B minister took cover saying that the Doordarshan which comes under Prasar Bharti selects its content as per a set of procedures and the broadcaster must have done due diligence and followed procedures to commission the serial.

As per reports, before the Tehelka founder Tejpal was accused of rape, a company in which he owned a big share was commissioned to produce a 52 part programme to commemorate 100 years of Indian cinema. The company had even been sanctioned an advance amount of Rs 2 crore.

Tehelka founder’s name had also been cleared by a selection committee for nomination to the Prasar Bharati board. The selection committee withdrew its approval after allegations of sexual assault against Tehelka founder Tejpal made by a journalist had come to light.

In a shocking expose of the media work environment, Social Access in association with the NGO Population First study shows that 17% of employees in the media industry have been witness to their colleagues being sexually harassed.

Only a small section of those who saw it knew what to do about it and a fewer section actually reported it. 9% of the women in the media were subject to inappropriate physical contact and 7% to improper sexual advances.

Men in the media were not sure about what is a sexually inappropriate behaviour or sexual harassment. NGO Majlis says that women journalists who write about the Tehelka case are not sure about whether a committee on Vishaka guidelines exists in their workplace. Many do not know the definition of rape in the new law.