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Justice A K Ganguly offered wine and made sexual moves

New Delhi, Dec 4 (): Justice A K Ganguly consumed wine and made sexual advances to the law graduate, according to the testimony before the probe panel appointed by the apex court.

The law intern’s complaint of sexual accusation against Justice A K Ganguly was inquired by a three-judge fact-finding committee, which said the retired Supreme Court judge made sexual advances towards her despite her disapproval, and claimed that she had evidence to back up her charge.

Giving details of the fateful day’s events, the law graduate intern said that she was repeatedly called by Justice Ganguly to come to a Delhi five-star hotel to help him in the capacity as a research assistant as he as the one-man committee appointed by AIFF, was inquiring into violence during a match between football clubs Mohun Bagan and East Bengal.

Justice A K Ganguly had given his report to AIFF holding that Mohun Bagan was guilty of breaching the rules by refusing to continue playing in the second half. The law graduate said, in her written affidavit to the inquiry committee, after AIFF officials left the room, Justice A K Ganguly offered her wine while himself consuming a few glasses saying it on Christmas eve it was customary to drink wine.

Justice A K Ganguly then made some advances to her, which she made it clear that it was not acceptable to her. She then walked out of the room and Justice A K Ganguly realizing his mistake went behind her till the lobby apologizing for his conduct.

The law graduate claimed to have evidence to back her charges. A year later, in a blog on a website for lawyers, she wrote about her experience with the retired judge. This went viral and SC appointed a panel to question the intern.

After the report was submitted, the apex court named Justice A K Ganguly as the man in question. The women lawyers are asking the SC to file a FIR while leading lawyers Soli Sorabjee are with Justice A K Ganguly.

The BJP has asked for a FIR and the arrest of the judge but Subramanian Swamy feels that a court appointed panel report does not have any legal status for initiating action on a judge.