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Vishwaroopam 2 set for February 2014 release, not to clash with Ajith’s Veeram and Vijay’s Jilla

Chennai, Dec 3 (): Kamal Haasan’s much awaited movie Vishwaroopam 2, which was expected to clash with Ajith’s Veeram and Vijay’s Jilla at the box office for Pongal in January has now been confirmed to hit the screens in February 2014.

Previously, the film was expected to hit theatres in November this year, but was held back due to post-production work. Later, media reports claimed that the Kamal starrer would release in January along with Veeram and Jilla, during the Pongal festival next year.

Now, it is officially confirmed, the movie is not releasing in January, rather the makers are planning for a February release. The film may release for Valentine’s Day (February 14), but an official confirmation on the exact release date is still awaited.

After the success of the controversial multilingual film “Vishwaroopam”, expectations have soared high on the sequel. Vishwaroopam 2 is said to be racier and will appeal to the audiences more than the prequel did. Kamal Haasan himself has said to ‘Expect the unexpected’.

The film has taken most of the star cast from the first part, including Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea, Rahul Bose and Shekar Kapur. Bollywood veteran actress Waheeda Rahman and Anant Mahadevan will be new inclusions to the star cast in the sequel.

Reports say, Waheeda plays Kamal’s mother in “Vishwaroopam 2″. The story of the sequel is laced with a strong mother-son sentiment. Vishwaroopam was extensively shot in foreign countries like New York, the sequel is set in India.

The trailer of the sequel is yet to be released for audience viewing. But, the film’s trailer was shown to a few celebrities who have given good feedback.

Madhusudhanan, the senior visual effects supervisor of “Vishwaroopam 2″, tweeted, “I saw the first cut of vr2 trailer! Very very impressive and interesting! Well you fans have to decide! .. I am adding my blocks into it!”

“Now; if we want to thrill you better than VR; yes, we have done that! :-)… I am not going to say anything beyond 🙂 enjoy the journey!”