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Tarun Tejpal faces Kiran Bedi of Goa

Panaji, Dec 2 (): Tarun Tejpal the Tehelka founder will be interrogated by inspector Sunita Sawant, one of the toughest officers in Goa police crime branch. Known as Kiran Bedi of Goa police, Sawant has been appointed as the investigating officer in the case. Crime reporters recall that Sawant was part of a 10-hour long interrogation of former tourism minister Mickey Pacheco. Mickey said to be a cool tough guy, reportedly came out as a shaken man. The NCP MLA Pacheco, was booked for aiding the suicide and culpable homicide not amounting to murder over the death of his friend Nadia Torrado, is one among other high-profile cases that Sawant, 45, has been dealing with.
Tarun Tejpal will face tough grilling , said one officer, as the bail plea was rejected and remanded to six days’ police custody. Sawant is also being a part of the team inquiring into illegal mining in the state after the controversy shook Goa two years ago. Police officers say that she is a professional and most experienced officer. She is due to get a promotion as deputy superintendent of police soon. She has cracked lots of cases, questioned powerful MLAs, and knows what to do and what to avoid . She is not corrupt, said a colleague.

In 1990 Sawant joined the police as a sub-inspector after passing the entrance exam in 1989. She did her BSc degree in Chemistry in 1989 from Dhempe College (Miramar), she then taught at a school before her selection to the police as sub inspector. In 2001, she was promoted to the post of inspector. Tarun Tejpal case will be a litmus test for the law and one can only hope that the matter is speedily solved. That looks unlikely given the issue getting politicized which is diverting from the main issue of whether the charge of rape by the victim is true. Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar has stated that Tehelka was planning a sting operation against him and that he had nothing to hide. Top leaders from both the BJP and the Congress have been trading charges on the cover up of the issue.

The BJP has alleged that Tarun Tejpal has the backing of sections of the Congress which has hit back to say that certain BJP leaders have also promoted criminal nets. In the middle of all this, Vijay Jolly a BJP non-entity in Delhi to get his 15 seconds of fame on TV, vandalised the name plate of the home of Shoma the Tehelka’s former managing editor since he was so angry that she did not stand by her junior colleague.
It is important that the police will be meticulous in its collection of evidence and recording of statements. Many cases have seen justice not being done due to shoddy investigation. The focus on certain definition of rape has now being questioned. The definition that insertion of finger and any object into vagina is also termed rape. Earlier it was the insertion of vagina by penis and this could be proved by presence of semen. The new addition to rape law is a point of contention. Tarun Tejpal was accused of having done oral sex and inserting fingers into vagina