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Tarun Tejpal breaks down on seeing Goa police cell toilet

Panaji, Dec 2 (): Tarun Tejpal who put up a brave front and oozed confidence in the courts was in tears at 9.30 pm yesterday. Reason –he saw the Indian style squat toilet that he will be using for the next few weeks. He has been staying at Taj Vivanta here. Yesterday night he had two murder accused and another thug picked up as a preventive measure for company in the cell. Today he will be produced before court for remand. In the afternoon when the court hearing was finished, Tarun Tejpal took a quick trip to the hotel to have a lunch and discuss with lawyers. In the evening Tarun Tejpal was termed to be “stoic and silent”. One look at the toilet in the lock-up at the Dona Paula CID crime branch police post changed everything. The family stayed in the Tarun Tejpal’s house `BirdSong’, in Moira, a heritage village in north Goa. Tarun Tejpal spent the night at the Taj hotel. According to Tripadvisor.com , the Goa house has six bedrooms with attached bathrooms and can accommodate 20. The bungalow is available for a daily rent (excluding taxes) for Rs 72,000 during the peak season (December 20 to January 5) and from March to October for Rs 45,000 , according to the website.

Old timers say that Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia who opposed the emergency was sent off to Delhi’s Tihar jail. The toilet in the jail changed everything and Scindia patched up with Indira Gandhi. Tarun Tejpal walked into the Goa court in the morning with a battery of lawyers from Delhi and Mumbai, his family members and a bodyguard (who is also from the family). Tarun Tejpal sat in the last row in the courtroom, along with his sister, wife, brother and his two daughters.

Initially, the family looked tense as defense lawyer Geeta Luthra started her plea for anticipatory bail, invoking the clause of an individual’s right to personal liberty. Tarun Tejpal’s wife Geetan leaned against a steel almirah in the courtroom. Tejpal sat through with his eyes closed and held his head in his hands. Geetan was praying, the two daughters were nervous, brother Minty and sister Neena were expressionless.
Judge Anuja Prabhudesai finished hearing Luthra and the prosecution by 11.40am., the court adjourned to meet at 4.30pm.Tejpal moved to Taj Vivanta for quick lunch and discuss with his legal team. At the hotel he lost his cool and pleaded with the lawyers to see that he does not go to jail. The police who followed him to the hotel took him to Dona Paulo CID office till the court at 8.15 pm rejected his bail plea. In an hour the police finished the formalities of arresting him.Outside TV crews and his family were waiting.

The courtroom scene was different in the morning . Eldest daughter got herself clicked inside the courtroom by her dad’s friend Sanjoy. Ladies were chatting with friends and Sanjoy asked the lawyers to take part in the dinner. Even when the judge rejected the bail plea, the women kept chatting. After hearing from the reporters , the family sent text messages. They left after Luthra got concessions from the judge that he can eat home made food and get his own clothes as well as bed sheets. Tejpal can meet the lawyer every day. Tejpal was given a medical examination. Then, keeping his request in mind for a better toilet , the police took him to the cell at the Goa police headquarters in Panaji. The toilet was okay for Tejpal. The casualty of the Tejpal issue was Narendra Modi His speeches in Delhi did not get into any channels till late night