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Justice Ganguly landmark rulings in Madras High Court

Chennai, Dec 2 (): Justice Ganguly is remembered by the legal fraternity in the city for many of his landmark rulings and guidelines in many issues. Nationally, Justice Ganguly is best known for his judgment in the 2G spectrum case that nearly brought down the government, Justice A K Ganguly, who is now facing a sexual harassment complaint by a law intern, during his stint as the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, delivered many judgments.

Ganguly’s tenure in Chennai as Chief Justice was only eight months – between May and December 2008 – after which he was elevated as Chief Justice to the Supreme Court. But his association with Tamil Nadu judiciary goes back to his days as a senior lawyer. In 2002, he represented Tamil Nadu to argue the State’s case before the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal instead of former Attorney General K Parasaran. The change of lawyer was an issue that was hotly contested in the Tamil Nadu Assembly in April 2002.

As Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, Ganguly is most widely acclaimed landmark judgement banning manual scavenging in the State. The judgement now is widely quoted in human rights cases, which termed manual scavenging as a violation of fundamental rights. The law is not enforced is yet another issue.

Ganguly also was Chief Justice when the students’ clash on November 2008 at the Dr Ambedkar Law College. This led to a spat with the law students backed by lawyers and the police. In the wake of that incident, a bench headed by Justice Ganguly recommended wide-ranging reforms to legal education and also banned political and caste-based activities at the college.

Acting on a PIL, Justice Ganguly issued a seven-point guidelines for the conduct of public meetings in Chennai . His guideline puts an end to a nuisance, resulting in traffic snarls and hardship to residents who had to tolerate blaring loudspeakers late night. Justice Ganguly intervened in the attempts made to pull down the historic and heritage building Gokhale Hall and passed orders against stone quarrying in Ooty.

Two eminent women lawyers demanded that an FIR be filed against former Supreme Court Justice AK Ganguly. Intern, the lawyers demand was made soon after the Supreme Court made public Justice Ganguly name after the panel reported the findings. Indra Jaisingh, Additional Solicitor General and Kamini Jaiswal wanted an FIR lodged and wanted the court to set guidelines in this regard. Many former Chief Justices and senior lawyers have come out in support of Justice Ganguly.