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Bigg Boss 7 elimination : Armaan Kohli eliminated with a twist

Mumbai, Dec 2 (): On Saturday, Armaan Kohli was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house with a clever twist. Instead of sending him out of the main house, the makers had send him to a bonus room where he would be spending the next couple of days.

In spite of the announcement by the makers of the show that no one from the Bigg Boss house will be eliminated this week, Salman asked Armaan Kohli to pack his bags and come out of the house. As soon as Armaan came out of the House, he was blindfolded and taken to the ‘bonus room’. Armaan will be staying in the bonus room for two days.

Few days back it was said that Ajay Devgn, brother-in-law of Tanisha had asked the makers to evict Tanishaa from the show as she had bold antics with Armaan in recent episodes. After having high level meeting it was conducted to handle the situation by the makers. They said Tanishaa will be eliminated by Bigg Boss in coming days. But, now it looks the makers have eliminated Armaan instead.

Although, this elimination is for only a short period of time, Armaan and Tanishaa will remain separated. Looks like it is a smart move by the makers indeed.

Now, Armaan is staying in the secret area of the house, observing the activities of other inmates for some days, before being called into the house again.

Though Armaan and Tanisha have been kept apart as per the family’s intervention of the actress, whether the act of seperating works or not, would only be seen in the coming days.

On Saturday, Tanisha broke down as Armaan got ready to leave the house. She kept holding on to him, refusing to let go and finally confessed her love, as she mouthed the words “I Love You” to the actor while he made the exit.