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SpaceX launch scrubbed due to technical issues, rescheduled launch set for Thanksgiving

Cape Canaveral, Nov 27 (): After experiencing various technical issues with its Falcon 9 rocket, Hawthorne rocket maker SpaceX cancelled its scheduled launch from Cape Canaveral. The company has again rescheduled its next launch attempt for Thursday at 2:38 p.m. PST.

SpaceX, officially named Space Exploration Technologies Corp., was set to take the SES-8 telecommunications satellite into geostationary transfer orbit, nearly 50,000 miles from Earth. The space flight powered by the Falcon 9 rocket was scheduled to leave Cape Canaveral at 5:37 p.m on Nov. 25; but glitches in the rocket prevented the planned launch from happening. It would be the first time the company had pulled off the feat.

The technical problems first postponed the rocket’s launch by an hour. During the 65-minute launch window, SpaceX made three attempts to get the rocket off the ground, but on each attempt, mission controllers were met with a glitch. When the problem with the first stage of launch was not solved the mission was called off. The cause of Monday’s error was not immediately clear.

Officials of SpaceX, in a brief statement announced about the delay and has stated that the rescheduled launch is set for Thanksgiving evening. The reason for the Thanksgiving mission, according to SpaceX, is that the Federal Aviation Administration did not want to shut down commercial plane traffic along the Florida coast during one of the busiest times of the year.

Founded in 2002, the Hawthorne, California-based SpaceX already has a $1.6 billion deal with NASA to launch at least 12 commercial cargo and are actively working to reach this target. Falcon 9, and the Dragon, were initially designed in order to enable the transport of humans into space.

Falcon 9, a two-stage rocket has been designed in order to ensure the transport of satellites, and the Dragon spacecraft is dependable and safe.

The Falcon 9 has already succeeded in sending its Dragon capsules to the International Space Station under a contract with NASA. In 2012, Falcon 9 made history, when it delivered the Dragon spacecraft into the correct orbit at the anticipated time.