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Dhoom 3 will not reveal full songs till release, only teasers

Mumbai, Nov 27 (): The makers of the much-anticipated movie this year ‘Dhoom 3′ has revealed that they will not show any of its songs on television or internet or on any promotional platform. Instead, only the teasers of the songs will be released.

This new innovative idea has been brought up by the makers of Dhoom 3 – Premier Production House Yash Raj Films and the lead actor of the film Aamir Khan.

As per their plans, no full song video of any of the songs from their upcoming film Dhoom 3 will be released before the release. It is the first time in the history of Bollywood that something of this kind is being introduced.

Songs are the main part of the Bollywood films and they play a major tool in marketing. All films put approximately 50 per cent of their television budget to promote music.

However, high level marketing personalities Aditya Chopra and Aamir Khan are trying something uncommon for the film, which is to redefine the regular forms of Bollywood films. By this way, the makers will end up saving nearly 50% of their television budget which is withheld by ventures to promote their music.

But, one promotional video track that has Katrina Kaif dancing to “Dhoom Machale” is out, no other film tracks will be seen. As an alternative, the makers will be releasing 30-second song teasers for the audiences to get a sight and feel of the songs and content. Audiences will be able to see the full song only in the film.

Katrina, who plays an ‘acrobat diva’ – Aaliya in the film is at her best in ‘Dhoom Machale’ song with her groovy dance moves. The only song released has turned out to be an instant attention grabber and has excellent reviews, so other tracks of the film are also expected to be the best.