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Tehelka Tejpal e-mail nails lies on sex scandal

New Delhi, Nov 23 (): Tehelka sex scandal took a turn after Goa police booked its ex-editor for rape. Tarun Tejpal Editor of Theleka magazine has denied charges of sexual assault and the MD Shoma Choudary has now said her editor has a different version and has hinted that it is a consensual decision of the victim and Tejpal.

Tejpal is crying foul saying he is framed and there was no sexual assault. He says the apology letter initially sent to the woman colleague was drafted by Shoma the MD of Tehelka. She wanted to close the issue through the apology wanted by the journalist and Tejpal offered to stay away for six months. An email to his alleged victim brings out the truth , as he clearly admits to an attempt by him for a “sexual liaison” against her wishes.

The email, mailed on November 19, one day after the woman colleague complained to Tehelka Managing Editor Shoma Chaudhury that she was sexually assaulted, Tejpal goes on about violating the trust between him and the woman apologizes for having attempted sexual liaison with her on 7 November and 8 November 2013, despite her clear reluctance that she did not want such attention from him.

Tejpal now says these initial internal mails were demanded and done with shame as she was keen on closing a contentious issue’ through the sought apology. His version from the first moment was totally different and this Samoa has admitted now. Sources said, the woman did not accept this version and sent back a strong rebuttal on November 21 saying that Tejpal was twisting the facts.

She termed it wasn’t an attempt at “sexual liaison,” the fact was that he sexually molested her, on two separate occasions and that he violated her bodily integrity and trust. Tejpal maintains now that the CCTV footage in the hotel lift would bring out the truth. Incidentally the Tehelka organized THINK Fest in Goa has a debate on rape moderated by some with three rape survivors taking part. Tehelka has refused to complain about Tejpal to the cops.