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Goa police file FIR on Tehelka Editor

New Delhi, Nov 22 (): Tehelka Editor-in-Chief is booked by Goa police for attempted rape of a woman journalist.

Tejpal has agreed to co-operate with probe and has said that the CCTV footage would bring out the truth. The Goa police got CCTV footage of Tejpal making a sexual assault on the woman. The footage shows the woman reacting angrily to the assault by Tejpal and running out of the lift.

Under fire over the cover up of the alleged sexual assault case, Tehelka MD Shoma Chaudhury on Friday said she was not defending Tejpal and added that a committee has been formed to look into the charges against the Tehelka magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal. Chaudhury said that Tejpal was in the country and he had a different version of the incident which took place during the Tehelka magazine’s ‘Think’ Festival in Goa on November 7.

Shoma said that the victim wanted an institutional response and so it was given. Now that the girl is not satisfied with the action, an internal committee has been formed to look into it.

As the incident happened in Goa, the state police has filed an FIR under non bailable offence and of rape. Shoma has however said that she will not appear before the police.

Tehelka claims that the girl was not ready to complain against Tejpal to the police. Shoma said it is a case of molestation; the presumption of Tehelka is that she is not in a position to complain to the police. It will be left for to decide whether to go to the police or not.

Shoma said an unconditional apology, Tejpal’s resignation and an independent inquiry cannot be seen as Tehelka trying to cover-up the case. Shoma said the girl’s email leak did not give her time to react.

The Founder-Editor of Tehelka had allegedly sexually assaulted a woman journalist in Goa.

Tehelka MD Chaudhury, who had spoken out in similar cases and had recently tweeted that CBI Director Ranjit Sinha must be sacked for his ‘enjoying rape’ remark. She said the remark is appalling that he can even think of defending such a remark.