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AAP sting operation: Web site says will not give raw footage

New Delhi, Nov.22 (ANI): The web site that conducted a sting operation on some leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), on Friday said that it would not hand over raw footage of the incident to the latter.

Chief Executive Officer of the web portal mediasarkar.com, Anuranjan Jha, was quoted by various television channels, as saying: ” We will not hand over the tape to the AAP. Representatives of AAP can come to our offices to see the footage. The AAP is under public scrutiny now. What are the grounds for handing over the tape to the AAP.”

The AAP, however, claimed that the tapes have been doctored and insisted on the raw footage of the sting operation being handed over to them, failing which, it said it would launch legal proceedings against mediasarkar.com.

AAP leader Yogendra Yadav told a press conference here that the alleged tapes seem to be “doctored”, adding “we want the whole truth to be out.”

“We had sent a letter and email asking Anuranjan Jha for the raw footage of the sting. But he has not responded,” Yadav said.

A controversial sting operation has alleged that several AAP leaders, at least eight of them, were contacted for their help in the recovery of money from individuals and getting land deals done, and they readily agreed to extend their support in return of donations in cash to the AAP.

AAP leader Shazia Ilmi, who was one of the people nailed in the sting operation, today offered to withdraw her candidature from Delhi Assembly elections after the sting operation came to the light.

“It is an extremely important fight for the AAP. But because of the underhand shoddy sting operation, I will not allow my party’s image to be sullied. I offer to withdraw my candidature and not contest elections until and unless my name is cleared”, Ilmi said.

Dismissing the sting operation as a conspiracy against his party, AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal said he knew who were behind it, as BJP and Congress have been routed by AAP.

In a bid to pacify the whole situation, Kejriwal said on a microblogging website Twitter: “Some sting ops done on our candidates. Our team, including Sanj Singh n Yog Yadav, looking into it. We will not spare if anyone is guilty (sic).”

He further vowed not to compromise on the issue of corruption.

Yadav further requested the media to verify the authenticity of the CD before showing it on channels. (ANI)