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World Chess Championship Game 9 last chance for Anand to defend title

Chennai, Nov 21 (): With four games to go in the 12-game World Chess Championship, defending champion Viswanathan Anand will perhaps have one last chance in the ninth game to be played today, to defend his title against Norwegian challenger Magnus Carlsen in the ongoing World Chess Championship.

With just four games left behind in their World Championship title clash, Viswanathan Anand, who backs Magnus Carlsen 3-5, is hoping for such a turnaround. It is a do or die situation for Anand, who has just two white games left. A victory in the ninth game will lessen the deficit to just one point and can unsettle Carlsen who is playing his first serious match.

Anand is in trouble like never before in his title-defence. For the first time since winning his maiden world title in 2000, the five-time winner is trailing following two defeats. The loss in game six was Anand’s first ever defeat, with white pieces, as defending champion in a World championship match. After two defeats, Anand really looked shaken.

Anand has not beaten Carlsen in 19 chances since scoring his sixth victory in the London Chess Classic in December 2010. In this period, Carlsen has defeated Anand five times, including twice here.

At Tuesday’s press conference, for the first time in this championship, Carlsen sounded too confident for his own good and the challenger obviously has reasons to feel relaxed. Each draw has taken the Norwegian closer to the title, but a moment of contentment can bring the pressure on the challenger.

Former World Champion Garry Kasparov faced a similar loss against Anatoly Karpov in the year 1986, the former leading the series 4-1, lost three consecutive games, but bounced back with a victory.

Garry Kasparov tweeted the probability of Carlsen scoring 1.5 points in the next two games is higher than Anand scoring two successive wins.