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Bigg Boss 7 eliminations : Pratyusha Banerjee evicted from the house

Mumbai, Nov 18 (): TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee was eliminated from the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 7 last Saturday night.

This week’s list of eliminations included the names of Tanisha Mukherjee, Pratyusha Banerjee, Gauhar Khan, Ajaz Khan and Kamya Punjabi. Almost always, Pratyusha has been nominated for the eviction and each time she escaped from being evicted. But this time, Salman announced her name to end her journey in the Bigg Boss house.

The television actress has been this season’s the most nominated member of the house and this week she was nominated for the sixth time.

Pratyusha bonded well with Kamya Punjabi in the Bigg Boss house and she was always complained for not having an opinion of her and not taking a stand. Pratyusha had been under pressure for her childish and immature behaviour and was even advised by host Salman Khan to take decisions reasonably.

Recently, the actress lost her temper and broke into tears when few Bigg Boss housemates including good friend Ajaz Khan addressed her as ‘Kid’. Later, she was advised by close friend Kamya to act smart. There was a strong bonding between Kamya and Pratyusha in the house from early days and at most times the latter was seen listening only to Kamya’s words.

In the Commando task of this week, Pratyusha fell ill and was declared the worst performer along with Ajaz. And on Friday, Eli awarded her ‘the most useless member of the house’ title, based on the housemates’ votes. In the task of turning wheel, Pratyusha’s hair got caught in the giant wheel and she screamed in pain. The other Hell-Mates did manage to untangle Pratyusha.

After getting evicted, Hazel commented on Pratyusha saying she likes to create trouble and is a negative character.

When compared to other nominated contestants like Gauahar Khan, Kamya Punjabi, Ajaz Khan and Tanisha Mukerjee, Pratyusha received less number of votes and was ousted from the house.