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One World Trade Center skyscraper named tallest building in the US

Chicago, Nov 13 (): The Council on Tall Buildings has declared Tuesday New York City’s newly erected One World Trade Center as the tallest building in the US, at 1,776ft (541m).

The new World Trade Center tower in New York beat Chicago’s Willis Tower off when architects at the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) announced that the needle atop the New York skyscraper can be counted when measuring the height of the structure.

8 of the 10 tallest buildings are spread throughout the Middle East and Asia in cities including Dubai, Taipei and Hong Kong. Two are in the United States — the Willis Tower in Chicago and One World Trade Center in New York.

One World Trade Center built on the site of the 9/11 attacks stands at a symbolically important 1,776 feet tall including the 541metre tall needle. The building would have been officially considered 1,368 feet tall without the needle.

The Height Committee of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat said the needle is a permanent part of the building, it is not an antenna but a spire. The needle of the World Trade Center, measuring 408 feet (124 meters) tall, was more than enough to knock down the Chicago building formerly known as the Sears Tower to second place, in a decision made by a Chicago-based panel.

The height of the 1 World Trade Center i.e. 1,776 feet is meant to represent America’s founding year. Without it, the building would have been well short of the 1,451-foot (442-meter) Willis Tower.

According to the council, 1 World Trade Center is the third tallest building in the world and with Tuesday’s decision, the Willis Tower will be the 10th tallest after the new World Trade Center opens. Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world at 2,717 feet (828 meters). The Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which stands at 601 meters (1,972 feet) is the second tallest building in the world, the CTBUH said.