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Air India finds 400 employees missing

Mumbai, Nov 12 (): Air India (AI) surprise audit shows 400 employees on the rolls have not been reporting for work; some of them for as long as seven years!

The missing employee list includes around 50 pilots and 200 cabin crew; others belong to the engineering and various other departments.

An internal check by top human resources officials in Air India made the baffling discovery last month. The missing employees have however not drawn salaries for the time they have not reported for duty. Some of them have not come to work since 2006; HR has not struck their names off the rolls either.

This has happened in spite of Air India HR rules clearly stipulating that a show cause notice is to be sent to any worker who does not report to work for more than 30 days. Now, Air India has issued notice to the missing workers.

Air India HR says it has no clue about these employees. They may have joined another airline, or maybe doing something unrelated to their job. Air India has sent notices, and will wait for their response, said a top AI official.

Air India said that the cash-strapped airline had not paid salaries to the ghost employees, but was surprised that their absence was not even noticed , despite
pilots and cabin crew being crucial to the operation of any airline.

Air India now after the audit has 3,006 cabin crew and 1,487 pilots on its rolls. The HR audit also discovered that 17 employees who are office-bearers of various trade unions at the airline, had not been reporting for work but continued to draw salaries.

Air India management has to provide office space, telephone connections and a bit of flexibility in terms of office timings of office-bearers of recognized employee unions.

Air India has 15 unions that are recognized and represent over 13,000 employees.