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Ponting has `edge` over Clarke in playing, leadership matters, says Ian Chappell

Sydney, Nov 11 (ANI): Former Australian Ian Chappell has backed former skipper Ricky Ponting over current captain Michael Clarke, saying that Ponting has the edge over Clarke and has made the greater contribution in playing ability and overall leadership.

Putting his two cents in the debate on the relative merits of Ponting and Clarke, Chappell believes that Ponting, whom he touted as one of the three best Australian batsmen since Sir Donald Bradman, is far better than Clarke on playing ability as unlike Clarke, he was not troubled by fast, well-directed short-pitched bowling and had an exceptional fielding ability.

According to News.com.au, Chappell further said that although Clarke is a class batsman, his reluctance to put himself in the firing line higher in the order counts against him, adding that Ponting has also come out the better person than Clarke in the leadership arena as he was always willing to help fellow players and enjoyed discussing the game.

Chappell also said that the fact that Ponting had also never had to face a ‘homework’ situation like Clarke did in India early in 2013 also gives him a slight edge over the current skipper in this regard, although he admitted that Clarke has a distinct advantage over Ponting in regard to field placings and bowling changes.

According to Chappell, Clarke is an optimistic captain, carries his gambling instincts with him onto the field and is a very proactive skipper who constantly attempts to move the game forward, as compared to Ponting, who Chappell said, occasionally fell into the trap of defending boundaries too conscientiously even though he too was never devoid of ideas. (ANI)