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Teens prefer YouTube over Facebook and Twitter : Report

Nov 7 (): A survey report says that YouTube is preferred the most by teens over Facebook and Twitter.

The Futures Company, a research consultancy, after interviewing 4,014 young people has released a report saying the most popular site among all teens now is YouTube. Fifty percent of teens surveyed mentioned YouTube as their favourite site versus 45.2% for Facebook.

The survey asked respondents to list their favourite five websites. Others on the list included Amazon (27.8%), Google (25%), Twitter (19.5%), Yahoo (12.1%), eBay (10.7%) and Tumblr (12.3%).

Last year, Facebook was the most popular site amongst 12 to 15 year-olds. Facebook, for the first time ever, has admitted that it was falling short on teen users. David Ebersman, the social networking website’s CFO said, “Our best analysis on youth engagement in the US reveals that usage of Facebook among US teens overall was stable from Q2 to Q3, but we did see a decrease in daily users, specifically among younger teens.”

Facebook is still the most popular website among the group of twenty somethings at 55 percent, followed by Amazon (37.5 percent).

The report shows growth for Twitter among the 12 to 29 group with 16.5 percent naming it as their favourite website vs. 14.1 percent last year. Facebook’s overall numbers went from 57.6 percent to 51.7 percent.