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Jaffna first, CHOGM later: compromise formula

New Delhi,Nov 7 (): CHOGM continues to trouble Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

A compromise formula has been mooted by the External Affairs Ministry according to CNN-IBN that the Prime Minister makes a short stop at Jaffna first and he later heads to Colombo for CHOGM. This will give an opportunity for the Prime Minister to show his concern for Sri Lankan Tamils, and still avoiding a boycott of the CHOGM.

The PMO says no decision has been taken on whether the PM will visit Jaffna first before he attends the meet. The CHOGM visit will be discussed in the Congress Core Group to meet on Friday.

TKS Elangovan (DMK) is now watering down the boycott and said that if the PM can visit Sri Lanka, but only do so after the CHOGM ends. He has said that DMK is not against PM going to Jaffna, but should go only after CHOGM ends. He said Karunanidhi has already conveyed DMK’s view that nobody should go to Sri Lanka for CHOGM.

Boycotting CHOGM will be showing them India’s anger. Four central ministers have already spoken against Manmohan Singh’s visit to to attend CHOGM in view of Sri Lanka’s war crimes committed against Tamils.

Narayanaswamy said he had told the PM to take a good decision keeping in view the sentiments of Tamils. The minister hails from Puducherry, with a sizeable Tamil population.

Jayanthy Natarajan, Union Environment Minister hoped that the PM will take a decision that favors the sentiments of Tamils. GK Vasan Union Shipping Minister met the prime minister to brief him of the views of the people in Tamil Nadu, and the resolution adopted by the Tamil Nadu assembly demanding the boycott of the CHOGM summit.

EMS Natchiappan, Minister of State for Commerce, said a holistic view should be taken which is good for the nation, state and neighborhood. Elaborating more on the holistic view, he said the decision should enhance the status of suffering Sri Lankan Tamils.

At the same time, the economic development of the Tamils should be kept in mind while taking a decision. Finance Minister P Chidambaram had said that no decision is taken on prime minister attending CHOGM.

DMK president M Karunanidhi had threatened Congress to face consequences if the prime minister attends the summit.