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Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha gets 1,10,000 pounds at auction in UK

London, Nov 6 (): Mahatma Gandhi’s famous spinning wheel (charkha), used by him while he was in Yerawada jail in the 1920s during Quit India movement, has fetched a good sum of £110,000 ($176,550) at a U.K. auction on Tuesday with the minimum bid set at 60,000 pounds.

Also, his last will was sold for £20,000 at the auction for historical documents and artefacts by Mullock’s Auction house in Shropshire.

Mullock’s has kept over 60 of prized possessions of Gandhi for auction, including photographs, books and important documents.

Richard Westwood Brookes, the specialist of the auction house said: “The charkha is one of Gandhi’s most prized possessions as he devised the workings of it himself. It was used by him in Yerwada Jail while fighting for the rights and independence of India. It has flawless origin and is unquestionably the most important Gandhi artefact we have ever sold”.

The charkha was presented to the American Free Methodist missionary Revd Floyd A Puffer and his wife for their work in Colonial India by Gandhi. Puffer was a forerunner in Indian educational and industrial cooperatives. He invented a bamboo plow that was later adopted by Gandhi. Rev Puffer and his wife worked as missionaries close to Wardha. Gandhi visited them several times from 1934 onwards, and established his own ashram in Wardha in 1936.

Gandhi used charkha to challenge British colonial rule. Next to his round-rimmed glasses and loin cloth, the spinning wheel is perhaps the object most closely associated with Gandhi.

Gandhi’s final will was written in Gujarati, an Indian language, at the Sabarmati Ashram and is a highly important document which succeeds the will dated 1921 that had been sold at an earlier auction by the Mullock’s. This will delivers a historic vision into the thinking of Gandhi and his speculations for the future some five years on from his previous will.