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BJP set to win third time in Chhattisgarh

New Delhi,Nov 6(): BJP is all set for a third term in Chhattisgarh. This is one among the opinion polls that gives bad news for the Congress, who has demanded a ban on the opinion polls.

The TV channel ABP News-newspaper Dainik Bhaskar-survey agency Nielsen opinion poll has said that the BJP will bag 60 seats in the 90 member house. In 2008, it got 49 seats. Congress tally would drop to 27 from 39 and BJP vote share will be 44%.

Chief Minister Raman Singh gets 81% support. With nothing short of a miracle, Congress is trying every trick to change the tide. The fight in the streets has spilled over to TV channels.

PWD Minister Brijmohan Agarwal and Congress candidate Kiranmayee Nayak live TV debate saw supporters of both parties indulging in fisticuffs as Nayak called BJP ministers useless. Police arrested both the groups and were released on declaration of a bond.

Now, the war rages on Facebook. Footage showed that Nayak did not utter it. While filing the nomination, Nayak translated Indian National Congress as Bhartiya Rashtriya Congress. The BJP asked that her papers be rejected. The EC accepted her view.

Rahul Gandhi got those applying for tickets to sign a declaration that if they are denied the seat they would not be rebels and support the party’s candidate. Those who did not get the nomination are now contesting as an Independent or from local parties.

CM Raman Singh’s expenditure incurred for his birthday celebrations should be included in his poll expenses, says Congress. BJP says ex-CM Ajit Jogi’s son gave two affidavits filed at two different times. To get a domicile certificate he stated he was born in Bilaspur and in August 1978. Later applying for SC certificate he said he was born on August 1977. For the elections he has stated he was born in Texas on August 1977.

BJP also points out that Jogi has a few cases pending against him. Jogi says that he was born in Texas and later Indianised by L K Advani. This makes it all the more curious.