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Narendra Modi as PM will be tough on Sri Lanka

Chennai, Nov 4 (): Narendra Modi as PM will give Sri Lanka sleepless nights, says analyst Dayan Jayatilleka, who is also a former ambassador. He has warned Sri Lanka that an Indian government with Narendra Modi as PM will not be of any relief to Sri Lanka as Modi will not only be tougher than the Congress administration and will also give importance to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. She will have a bigger say in national affairs and, especially foreign policy.

The newspaper quoted the analyst as saying that Sri Lanka must have no illusions that its problems will come down or be over with a change of guard in Delhi. A Narendra Modi ministry will be more stronger and tough in its reactions to expect Pakistan and Chinese influence in India’s neighbouring countries.

In the South Asian region, Narendra Modi will treat China as more a rival and not a mere competitor. A Narendra Modi administration will see a far greater role for Jayalalithaa. Both these factors can only affect adversely on Sri Lanka, Jayatilleka has told the Sunday Times.

He pointed out that Narendra Modi had significantly enough in Tamil Nadu, in a speech that Indian States should have a greater role in foreign policy. This is something that Sri Lanka will have to take into account and deal with, he said.

The Tamil diaspora is stronger and more connected with TN than before. He termed the pro-Tamil feeling as anti-Lankan fanatical sentiment and said it was more in Tamil Nadu than ever before.

Tamil Nadu is more influential in Delhi than ever before and India is now a more close strategic partner of the US. It is a big and complex challenge to Sri Lanka, he said.

Citing the volatility in the international circles on the Colombo CHOGM shows that the Sri Lanka as a state has lost the battle for favourable international public opinion. Sri Lanka has almost lost the soft power, while Myanmar has regained theirs, he said. Soft power can be regained only by changing the political culture once Sri Lanka took over as Commonwealth chair, the analyst warned.