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Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray released from jail

Los Angeles, Oct 30 (): Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray was freed from Men’s Central Jail at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, two years after he was convicted of killing the pop superstar Michael Jackson with an overdose of a powerful anaesthetic; now he would like to practice medicine again.

Murray has served two years behind bars for the 2011 involuntary-manslaughter conviction. Upon release, he eluded a waiting crowd of TV cameras and die-hard Jackson fans.

Pop star Michael Jackson aged 50 died in June 2009. A jury determined after a two-month trial in 2011 that Murray’s negligence led to Jackson’s death from an overdose of the surgical anaesthetic protocol. Murray’s lawyers argued unsuccessfully that Jackson self-administered the drug while Murray was out of his bedroom.

The personal physician of Jackson, Murray had regularly administered the drug as a sleeping aid during rehearsals for a series of comeback concerts. Upon his verdict in 2011, the former cardiologist was sent to prison for a maximum of four years, but later change in California law permitted for a shortening of his jail time.

Under state sentencing rules, Murray was eligible for bail well in advance of the end of his sentence, but he has however suffered a long trial since Jackson’s death, said his attorney Valerie Wass.

Murray has denied the wrongdoing throughout his imprisonment. At the age of 60, his license to practice medicine was suspended or annulled in three states, but according to the Los Angeles Times, he has filed an appeal in hopes of having his license reinstated in California. His lawyers are also pleading the state of Texas to give back his license.

Murray continues to plea his conviction, and reportedly hopes to practice medicine again in the future. Now, he is well known due to his link with Jackson and his highly-publicized involuntary manslaughter trial.