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Gold hunt in UP turns bizzare and violent

Lucknow, Oct 25 (): Gold hunt in UP is getting out of hand with hunters armed with guns descending on the places that the seer said has the yellow metal buried.

At Unnao, the ASI is getting brickbats for not using JCB machines. On the other hand, around 20,00 jobless heirs of the royal family of Awadh who are descendants of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah are waiting to claim the gold. Add to this there are the descendants of Raja Ram Rao Baksh Singh, who buried the gold.

If not for the law, the government would have been in a soup. Rao Chandi Ram Singh said that he should get a part. How much he wants will be decided after the gold is taken out.

“Wajid Ali Shah’s royal family says it owns the place where the fort of Talukdar Raja Ram Rao Baksh Raja was not rich enough to possess 1,000 tonnes of gold. Shah had to waive off the taxes. A part of land belongs to Shah’s mother Kishor Begum,” says Shikoh Azad, secretary of royal family. The family wants only 20% share.

Raja Ram Rao Baksh Singh’s descendants say that he hoarded gems and wealth and challenged that he would give his daughter in marriage to someone wealthier than him. The caste outfits like the All India Kshatriya Mahasabha says the kshatriyas ruled Unnao and gold should come to them and they represent the community.

Rama Shankar Vidyarathi, BSP MP from Deoria’s Salempur, says the region was ruled by the Rajbhars in the 13th century. The gold belongs to Rajbhars, he says.