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Tripped Kudankulam to restart evening

Chennai, Oct 24 () : The first unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, which tripped shortly after it was synchronized with the southern grid early Tuesday morning, is now expected back to align to the grid by today evening. The unit tripped after two hours of operation generating only 160 MW, short of the power target of 300-350 MW.

Thursday evening restart is too doubtful. KKNPP site director admitted to PTI today that the unit had been shut down which is termed as a mandatory procedure.

Till Tuesday evening, NPCIL had claimed that the first unit is synchronized to the grid and generating 160 MWe, denied by the country’s grid managers, who said the unit had not been synchronized after it tripped.

Yesterday, project started supply of 350 MWe yesterday evening. Once the unit is resynchronized with grid, power generation will be gradually raised to 500 MWe to 1000 MWe in stages.

At every stage, tests are conducted and the technical standards are verified and based on the results and with AERB clearances, subsequent stages will be implemented.

As KKNPP-1 comes on stream, the country’s nuclear power capacity would go up to 5780 MWe from 4780 MWe. Kudankulam is the 20th plant of NPCIL that is connected to the country’s power grid. Unit 1 had attained criticality on July 13.

After obtaining the AERB approval and Supreme Court’s direction, NPCIL started the criticality process on July 11 and on July 13 the first unit achieved criticality.

Under the India-Russian intergovernmental agreement, Russian state-owned CHAS the nuclear engineering company helped build the first phase of the Kudankulam project.

In September 2011, the main process of the hot-run phase was completed and the power unit was put in the cool-down mode, and moved to the second phase of equipment inspection.

However, in October 2011, the local protests stopped all start-up and adjustment operations. They were restarted on March 20, 2012. The design and supply of major equipment comes under the Russian sphere, the construction, installation of equipment, commissioning and part of the supplies and equipment are undertaken by the Indian NPCIL.