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Sridevi,Hema Malini cold vibes at awards function

Mumbai, Oct 22 () : Sridevi and Hema Malini who came together at an awards function in Yash Chopra’s memory kept their distance from each other. The reason for their cold vibes could not be assessed.

Hema Malini is senior to Sridevi and in filmdom they were not rivals. The only rivalry that these women could have is that Hema Malini is brand ambassador to Kent water purifier and Sridevi endorses Fiona purifier. Things got uncomfortable as Sridevi and Hema Malini came together under the same roof.

Professionally they did not belong to the same era in Bollywood. Sridevi and Hema Malini who hailed from Tamil Nadu and culturally from same background were not known to be friends with each other.

Sridevi and Hema Malini have always preferred to be away from each other at an arm’s length. Onlookers say, the two ladies kept their distance and chatted up with their own circle of friends.

According to a source at the event, the actresses arrived at the awards venue within minutes of each other. Interestingly, they turned down requests to be photographed together; the duo then retired to different corners after the regular greetings with their acquaintances.

Says an onlooker present at the event, that Sri and Hema on two occasions were standing right next to each other but did not exchange a word. Also, towards the end of the event, they saw to it that they did not pose together in a picture. To avoid further embarassment, Pamela Chopra stood between the two and the trio then were photographed.

However, an industry source close to the actresses say, Sridevi and Hema are very formal with each other. This time, no one knows about what happened between the two. However, organizers of the show say that both actresses were invited to the event as the brand ambassadors of two separate water purifier brands. Perhaps, the endorsement deal does permit them to come together on stage since both brands were sponsors of the function.