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Quick-fix relaxation tips for a stress-free life

Oct 22 (): Stress. Tension. Exhaustion. Burn-out. Sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it? Be it a child or a grand old man, tension runs high among all age groups in various ranges. It is all-pervasive and omnipresent in every strata of today’s society.

Tight deadlines; client meetings; hectic travel schedules; management goals; personal aspirations…what not? Personal goals coupled with peer pressure unfailingly precipitate stress in us resulting in exhaustion in no time.

The fall-out of such a rat race competition is the ultimate reason for all the life-style diseases-hypertension, cardiac attack, diabetes that we see pretty much common even among the young population, as early as 30s.

Now, what is the cure-all? Though there are very many avenues to relax one’s strained nerves like wellness centres, ayurvedic spas, trendy fitness centres, yoga in various formats etc, they again come in a pre-structured and regimented package. They might even require careful pre-planning.

Getting out of the structured regimes, this article looks at some easy, on-hand, quick-fix, impromptu quick-fix relaxation tips that might instantly offer some good respite for those strained nerves and tired mind and body. A way to a stress-free life..the simpler way!

Eat without guilt: Forget dieting. Put ‘calorie-watch’ on temporary amnesia. Eat all those ‘strict no-no’ foods without any trace of guilt. Ease up and gorge on those greasy, calorie-dense foods like there is no tomorrow. Cheese cake, creamy milkshakes, cheesy pizza, chicken burger..or a special thali of your favourite cuisine—go on..indulge yourself.

Shop impulsively: Trash the ‘to-shop’ list. Let your mind go free and shop as you like. Be it indulgent foods or new clothes or accessories…anything that fits your bill. Buy anything you set your eyes on and that you like, till your wallet goes dry.

Break the rules: Get out of the monotonous rut. Simply break your routine for a few hours or a day or days (whichever you can accommodate) and do what you like. Be just you, yourself and do it. Go for a massage, a complete makeover in the salon, a steam bath or even a different hair-do. Volunteer for a social cause. Go back-packing. Hike. Go cycling or drive aimlessly to your heart’s content. Anything that you love to do works magic to elevate your mood.

Reach out to your friends, parents, siblings, relatives, fellow workers. Stay connected. Give a surprise call to your school friend who virtually exists on your FB friends’ list. Call up your parents or spend a few hours with them. This would make you feel wonderful. Host a surprise meal for someone you love.

Grow a garden. If you have space constraints, no complaints. At least grow a few plants on your terrace or a balcony or even a few indoor plants would do. Tend to them and watch them sprout new leaves and break into flowers. Your mood swings will fix themselves automatically.

Go for a walk. It clears the cobwebs in your mind and you simply come out clean! To spice up your walking tours, hook up headphones on to your ears, play your favourite music, step out. Don’t forget to watch the spring in your step and smile on your lips soon after!

-Do you have the cut for cooking? Superb! Rustle up a cooking storm in the kitchen. Bake a cake. Mind you, eating spoonfuls of cake batter is more comforting than eating the cake itself!

-If you have an edge for interior décor, go for a make-over. It need not be elaborate. Throw up some bright new cushions in your living room, or bring in fresh flowers and scented candles for that yum dinner that you cooked. Even simpler, just rearrange your furniture and change the furnishings. Now, see the difference!

Get your hands ‘dirty’ – do some gardening or weeding. Dust those cobwebs hanging in there. Pull out your wardrobe and give away those ‘will-wear-sometime’ dresses to the needy. De-clutter your home or your PC/laptop or even your office desk.

– Finally, always have room for a few ‘me-moments’. It is important not to get swallowed up by day-to-day obligations at work/home. You may read, sing, listen to music, dance, click pictures, watch nature, swim, chat up with your kids/friends – do whatever you fancy in those moments. Or, simply do nothing and let your mind go blank.

Remember…these quick-fix relaxation tips are for people who can be easily satiated with simple joys and pleasure of life. It might work for some, others may ‘pooh-pooh’ it.

Nevertheless, oodles of instant relaxation guaranteed for all those simple souls out there!