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Aam Aadmi candidate selection hit by lack of Mr Clean candidates

New Delhi,Oct 21 (): Aam Aadmi Party is finding it difficult to get candidates with a clean record. In another first, the new entrant to politics would bring out 71 manifestos for 70 constituencies and one for the whole city.

Aam Aadmi Party insists that the candidate should not have any FIR filed by him and also should be having no close kith and kin with a dubious background. Using this factor some candidates who were selected find that rival parties are filing cases against them and Aam Aadmi Party on these grounds is rejecting them.

Surendra Sharma, who had put in his bid to become the Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Shahdara constituency, has questioned the new party’s selection process which rejected him after the political affairs committee approved him. He had informed the party leader Kejriwal that he has a FIR registered against him over the conduct of bar council election. The party conducted inquiries and cleared his name. At the screening committee it was rejected.

Sharma says the charges against him are false allegations. Sisodia the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party says Sharma had not disclosed the entire happenings at the bar council elections. Sharma says the party pressured him to withdraw from the election.

In West Delhi’s Uttam Nagar, Aam Aadmi candidate Deshraj Raghav was initially approved after the party probed the allegation of being involved in a PDS scam. BJP lodged a complaint against Raghav with the Lokayukta stating that his wife, two brothers and widowed sister together own four ration shops. The party found the allegations were true but Raghav says since there is no FIR filed against him, his candidature should be cleared.

Following these developments, the Aam Aadmi Party has admitted that it is finding the candidate selection process very difficult for all-clean record candidate is not easily available.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is preparing a manifesto that will list out the problems constituency-wise and the steps that it will take once elected to power. 70 constituencies in the Delhi assembly polls will have separate manifestos and one which is uniform for entire Delhi. This manifesto is prepared by getting the voters to spell out the issues in their region.

By this, Aam Aadmi is getting the voters involved in governance. The common manifesto for the Delhi state include making the city slum-free, improving the standard of education in government schools, making health facilities available for all, daily supply of 700 litres of water free to each house (drinking water is a major problem in Delhi) and reducing power tariffs.