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Seer now dreams of 2500 tonnes gold

Unnao ,Uttar Pradesh, Oct 19 () : Gold hunt in Uttar Pradesh got bigger. The seer who dreamt of the 1000 tonnes gold buried under a 19th century fort in Uttar Pradesh says 2500 tonnes of gold is buried in Adampur of Fatehpur district in the State. He had informed the District Collector.

Even before there is any sign of the gold, Samajwadi Party MLA of the region has said that his party president Mulayam had sanctioned Rs 3.5 crores to make this a tourist spot and more would be done after his chief becomes PM in 2014.

Congress has already taken credit for deploying ASI for excavation. On the other side, the debate is on as to who should keep the gold. The erstwhile Raja’s family members say that it belongs to them while UP State is to put forth a claim.

A Buddhist monk quoting a book written on Buddha says that the spot where the digging is going on was where Buddha did his meditation and so it should go to the monastery.

The seer’s dream got attention of Union Minister of State for Food Processing Charan Das Mahant. This led to GSI studying the area and gave a report that there was presence of metal in the earth. ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) yesterday launched the biggest gold hunt in the country to dig 1,000 tonnes of the yellow metal.

ASI officials off the record say that the results could come only after several years and this too if there are some positive signs.

Shobhan Sarkar, priest of the Shobhan Temple in Unnao, claims Raja Ram Baksh Singh came in his dream and told him about the gold buried in the ruins of the fort in the Buxar area of Daundiya Kheda village located on the banks of the Ganga.

Ram Baksh Singh fought against the British in the Great Rebellion of 1857. He was defeated and sent to the gallows. The fort was burned by the British forces.

The Centre directed the Unnao District Magistrate to ask the area to be surveyed by the GSI (Geological Survey of India) and the ASI. The ruins are spread around an area of 70 acres. Huge crowds and TV channels have converted this site into a big fair. Many claiming to be Ram Baksh Singh’s descendants have been camping.

ASI says digging up to 20 metres to get any result will take months. The site is close to the Ganga, so there is a possibility of finding water at six to seven metres. The seer is unhappy since he feels ASI should have used bigger machines. If India gets the gold then it would overtake China for the fifth position of having the highest gold reserves. US followed by Germany,Italy, and France are the top four countries having gold reserves.