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Why is Karunanidhi left out in Prime Ministerial race?

DMK chief M.Karunanidhi is a seasoned politician. He is touching 90 years. He was elected 12 times as the MLA. He was elected Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for five times. He has done politics against Kamaraj, MGR and Jayalalithaa. He is also doing national politics through coalition in central Government.

But, no one has suggested his name for the post of Prime Minister. In fact, he is not in the list of politicians like Lalu and eligible to become a MP.

Better we give serious thought to tap his vast experience in governance for the progress of India. If he had not been the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the state would not have progressed so much. Although he was not allowed to rule the state continuously, his contribution to the progress of Tamil Nadu could not be underestimated.

Unlike Narendra Modi, Karunanidhi is liked by minorities. His secular credentials are well acknowledged. It was because of the implementation of a Common Minimum Program, the BJP was not able to build Ram temple to respect coalition Dharma with DMK.

See how good he was, he supported BJP Government. That means he is liked by Hindutva people if he is useful. He always gets the support of minority communities. He also supported secular Congress. Now, it is time for him to get back all the support he has lent in the past two decades.

Already MK Stalin is advocating DMK to stand alone in Lok Sabha elections. What will happen if DMK and its partners like VCK corner all the forty MP seats in Tamil Nadu? Say Mamta, Maya, Mulayam, Pawar, Chandra Babu Naidu and communists gain only less than forty MPs in case of hung parliament, is it not possible for Congress party to support DMK-led Government at the centre? Like what happened to Chandrasekar. Karunanidhi can be a Prime minister at least for a short period until Congress pulls the legs or stop pushing his wheel chair.

It is unfair that the national media is concentrating only on a teenage boy like Narendra Modi and Amul baby like Rahul Gandhi. Let them seriously analyse this scenario of geriatric patriarch Karunanidhi becoming the Prime Minister.