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Bigg Boss 7 gets notice for showing ‘inappropriate content’

Mumbai, Oct 12 (): The information and broadcasting ministry has sent a notice to a TV channel after it felt that few contents aired by the channel on the most popular and controversial reality show Bigg Boss 7 was not suitable for open public exhibition.

Bigg Boss show has been always synonymous with controversy. In fact, the format of the show is such that it is meant to shock. So, violent behaviour from contestants, fights, arguments and controversial tasks are all part of the show.

The ministry has sent show cause notice to the channel. A court had also asked the ministry to examine the content aired on the show.

An official statement read, “It was felt that the content exhibited was not suitable for unrestricted public exhibition and prima facie it is violative of the programming code under the Cable TV Act so the ministry has issued a show cause notice and asked the channel to explain”.

In response to the notice, the channel issued a statement. The statement read, “Today, we have received a show cause notice on ‘Bigg Boss’ from the ministry of information & broadcasting (I&B), and we shall submit our response to the same within time limit prescribed by the ministry”.

The channel states to follow a “strict Standard & Practices (S&P) team that does self-regulations, which works closely with the programming team on all aspects to ensure a safe family viewing experience”.

I&B Ministry raised up fears apparently because of the task given to Pratyusha Banerjee, which involved sitting on an electric chair and being given electricity shocks. Host of the show Bollywood star Salman Khan said that the shocks given were not strong.

The I&B Ministry had issued a show cause notice, during the fourth season of the show, over alleged abusive language and wanted the show to be shifted from prime time to a late night slot.