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Samajwadi Party and Left to form Third front: Mulayam

Lucknow, Oct 7 (): Samajwadi Party (SP) President Mulayam Singh Yadav today said that a Third Front will be formed after the 2014 Lok Sabha election results. The Samajwadi party said this alliance of political parties under third Front will be formed after the 2014 polls.

This front, and not Congress nor BJP, will be the one that will get seats in 2014 and form the next government, he said. As to who will head the third front government after it gets the numbers, Samajwadi Party chief said that it will decide at that time. The Samajwadi is in talks with the Left parties.

Mulayam will meet CPM general secretary Prakash Karat and hold discussions on the formation of a Third Front before 2014 Lok Sabha elections. SP has been invited for talks in this regard with Prakash Karat(CPM) and AB Bardhan(CPI). Karat has invited Mulayam to attend the meeting at Talkatora in Delhi on October 30.

Mulayam and some other similar-minded leaders will attend the meeting, revealed the SP chief. Mulayam, yesterday while addressing a gathering at the launch of Lion safari at Fisher Reserve Forest in Etawah, had said, the SP has always fought against communal forces and made them weak. Its main fight is against the BJP.

Mulayam accompanied by his son Akhilesh said SP will not let communal forces come to power and will defeat such forces. These forces have levelled false allegations against the SP, just to gain votes in the Lok Sabha elections. He urged people to not get misled by the misinformation campaign. The BJP reacted today on the possibility of a Third Front government.

BJP termed this a ploy before elections to talk about such a front which is like chocolate past the expiry date and after elections the fate of the front is known. Mulayam expects SP to get 35-40 seats with which he can hammer up numbers from small players and become a PM.