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Princess Di’s photog ‘assassin’ ‘silenced’ in suicide mystery

London, Oct. 5 (ANI): Millionaire photographer James Andanson, who allegedly played a part in the “assassination” of Princess Diana, died in mysterious circumstances after he threatened to write an explosive book.

Millionaire photographer James Andanson, who reportedly was connected to the Secret Service, died mysteriously after he met author Fredieric Dard to discuss the book that could spill the beans over the conspiracy.

Andanson was found in a torched car with two bullet wounds in his head, but the authorities said that the ace photographer had committed suicide, the Daily Star reported.

Dard also died within a few weeks of him meeting Andanson.

Top investigative writer John Morgan and pals of Mohamed Al Fayed had urged police to reopen the probe into Andanson’s death in 2000.

According to witnesses, a white Fiat Uno had sped out of the tunnel seconds after the crash and Andanson drove a white Uno and had been trailing the couple around France in the final two weeks of his life.

Before his death he had claimed that he was the driver of a Fiat that had hit the back of Diana’s Mercedes. (ANI)