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LG to launch curved-screen smartphone, G flex, in November

Oct 5 (): LG is gearing up to unveil a curved smartphone in November, dubbed the G Flex. Mobile manufacturers are working hard to develop the new technology, with companies like Samsung and LG are investing in the technology particularly heavily.

Smartphone manufacturers Samsung and LG are contending to be the first in the market with a flexible display handset. Previously, Samsung Electronics Co. has announced that it would launch a smartphone with a curved display this month. Now, LG Electronics Inc. plans to launch a smartphone with a curved screen next month.

Sources said that Samsung had confirmed last week that the company will be launching a Limited Edition of the Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible display in October with the name Galaxy Note 3 Active. The company has now explained that the new handset could be announced as soon as next week.

Samsung and LG earlier this year shook up the TV market by each releasing curved OLED HDTV sets. OLED displays are thinner and lighter than LCD screens, and can be curved because they do not require back lighting.

LG has now said that it would unveil a new smartphone that will feature a concave curved display. External reports say LG’s device is rumoured to have a 6 inch plastic OLED screen, making it more flexible than traditional liquid-crystal display screens. Sketches of the prototype device show it is slightly concave.

Experts say a flexible display does not mean the phone will be able to bend or flex. Rather, the display will be set at a curved — but stationary — position. The curve is dramatic enough to comfortably fit around your face but not so angular that it looks odd.

It also looks the new device will either be called Z (signifying the “Z” dimension or axis) or the Z1. The LG Z is reportedly already in production and will be launched later this month.

Sources say that the companies will be developing out their new handsets in a limited number, as neither can produce flexible OLEDs in serious mass-market quantities yet.