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Lalu -potatoes-samosas and Bihar

New Delhi, Oct 3 () : Lalu Prasad has always boasted Jab tak rahega samosa main Aloo, tab tak rahega Bihar main Lalu!”. (As long there are potatoes in a samosa, there will be Lalu in Bihar).

Even as his lawyers at the time of writing are pleading with the CBI court to give their client a reprieve or a light sentence. Lalu continues to hold his Durbar in a small 10X10 cell with RJD leaders and eats home-made food and watches TV. He says that though the pull back of the ordinance did him harm it would not change his alliance with UPA. Political analysts are still not sure of whether it could be the end of RJD and Lalu.

Legally, he cannot contest the coming two general elections. He would go in appeal to the High Court and might come out on bail. His track record is what keeps many from writing him off. At the age of 29, he became a MP and after 13 years he was Bihar CM. Later, he came back to Delhi to be the Railways Minister.

In a way, Advani contributed to Lalu’s pan-India image. Lalu arrested Advani and bundled off the Rath Yatra. He loathed BJP and Congress but surprisingly he took a fancy for Sonia and her party. When Lalu spoke in Parliament there used to be pin-drop silence and howls of laughter at the poems and jibes as he spoke.

A rustic man with no business acumen became the object of study for B-schools for his making Railways a profitable venture. When BJP and Congress wooed Hindu voters, the wily Lalu got Yadav and Muslim to vote for him and this was termed as social engineering by the analysts.

After being in the post for 7 years , he felt that he had outgrown Janata Dal and so he formed Rashtriya Janata Dal. He aligned with Congress to become Railway Minister. The fodder scam once sent him to jail and he put his wife in CM’s chair to run the State. His staying away physically from the arena is this time difficult as his detractor this time is Nitish Kumar who is not seeing any blemish to his track record and is confident of going it alone and also seen warming up to Congress.

Lalu has said that there is no need for his wife or son to run RJD and he would do it from his cell. His vote bank is not much but still sticks to him. Potatoes-samosas and Lalu could still be around in Bihar!