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Prime Minister to put ordinance in dustbin

New Delhi, Oct 2 () : Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, who met with senior Congress party leaders this morning, called on President Pranab Mukherjee, who had gotten a legal opinion that it would not hold good as it was flawed.

Based on this, he expressed reservations about the executive order. The Cabinet, which is likely to meet this evening will confine it to the dustbin. Mukherjee will be relieved as he doesn’t put his signature on the paper and Kapil Sibal as Law Minister gets a reprieve since the focus shifted to the need of the ordinance or otherwise he would have been facing the music for clearing a weak piece of legislation.

Renuka Chowdury, spokesperson said that it is collective wisdom and based on feedback from across the country that the party did a U-turn on the ordinance. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh conveyed the decision to scrap the ordinance as the President is expected to fly to Belgium and Turkey for a six-day official visit today.

G Vahanvati Attorney General, Harish Salve, former solicitor general and ex-Law secretary Vishwanathan were given the copy of the ordinance. These experts told that it has some gaps and holes that it would not hold judicial scrutiny. These needed to be rewritten.

Mukherjee then called three Cabinet Ministers and asked about such a weak ordinance and the need for a hurry to bring it forth. Law Minister Sibal said that the Government was told by BJP that it would support the bill but started to back out after an imminent conviction. It had no option but to bring in an executive order to fill in the vacuum. All this took place a day before Rahul spoke about the nonsense order.

Yesterday on way back to India, Prime Minister had expressed his hurt at the timing of the comment which came before he met Obama and Sharif. Today morning Rahul met the Prime Minister and apologized but stood by the stance on the ordinance.

At the Raj Ghat, the PM and Sonia were together to offer prayers at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi. Sonia appeared to be disturbed and left before the prayers ended. Her two children were not present. Usually one leaves after PM departs.