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CBI FIR on Maran trips Congress-DMK tieup

Chennai, Oct 2 (): CBI has queered the pitch for a possible poll alliance between DMK and Congress. The CBI filing a FIR against Dayanidhi Maran and his brother Kalanithi Maran for illegally running a telephone exchange in his Boat Club road residence and this being connected to Sun TV through dedicated underground lines for data downloads that cost less to BSNL.

The Lok Sabha elections are crucial to Congress and DMK. DMK having lost power in the State has to retrieve lost ground with Lok Sabha elections. The only national ally will be the Congress. Congress has been trying to get DMK on its side.

Rahul Gandhi who so far never visited Karunanidhi, called the DMK supremo on his birthday and wished him. The grand plan of Congress to pull in DMDK into the alliance got a jolt with DMK admitting dissidents from the latter.

With A Raja and Kanimozhi facing charges by CBI, the two Marans being on the net will only provide fodder to AIADMK which has already gone to town with the news being aired in Jaya TV repeatedly. As stock markets are closed for the day, shares of Sun TV were not impacted.

The New Indian Express expose of the illegal telephone exchange at the Chennai Boat Club home of then telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran finally led to the CBI registering a case against him.

S Gurumurthy, noted columnist, broke the story in 2011 through a series of investigative reports. Gurumurthy’s expose in June 2011 under the headline ‘Minister Steals a Telephone Exchange, Loots BSNL’, detailed that 323 ISDN lines were smuggled through a 3.4 km long underground secret cable through public roads to connect them to Sun TV for commercial purposes.

Way back in 2007, CBI had evidence of this illegal exchange but did not get Home Ministry’s sanction to go further. As soon as the expose was out in the daily, Dayanidhi Maran threatened to file a defamation case.

Five days later, Gurumurthy asked, ‘Now, will you accept it as wrong, Mr Maran?’ and furnished more evidence to expose the former minister’s lie. He met the then CBI director and with no movement, he filed a petition in the Supreme Court. This set the ball rolling and on July 7, the paper reported that ‘CBI confirms Maran’s misuse of BSNL lines’.

Now, the case has come to the logical end with CBI filing the FIR. Gurumurthy through Indian Express had exposed the undue favours given to Reliance by the then finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to wipe out Bombay Dyeing. He has also brokered amicable settlement in family disputes that rocked corporates.