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Chennai Exclusive News

Vijay insulted at Centenary Celebrations of Indian Cinema in Chennai

Chennai,Sep 26 (): Vijay is said to have been treated badly and insulted at the recently held  Centenary Celebrations of Indian Cinema in the city.

Reports say that Vijay was offered the invitation to attend the grand ceremony only in the last-minute. Earlier,there were doubts over his participation in the event as he was upset with the issues he faced over the release of his last movie-Thalaivaa in Tamil Nadu. Vijay after having got the last-minute invite from the organizers had attended the function, not whole-heartedly.

To add fuel to the fire,Vijay is said to have been offered a seat in the last row where he was seen sitting alone initially. He was seen sitting with a dull expression written all over his face.

He was later joined by Chiyaan Vikram who was actually given a seat in the front row. Aishwarya Dhanush later joined them and they were spotted talking to each other.

However,Vijay while delivering his speech at the event was said to have praised Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa as an actor who has risen to the level of governing a state.

Apart from Vijay, there were other complaints from the Telugu and Kannada film industries too that their biggest talents were not at all recognized.

Similarly,many other bigwigs who have made significant contributions to the Tamil film industry like Balu Mahendra, Bharathiraja, Goundamani,Vadivelu, Shankar, Mani Ratnam, S Janaki, P Suseela were said to have been  not offered invites at all.