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Afghan Taliban wants peace but some extremists misusing Mullah Omar’s messages

London, Sept. 21 (ANI): The Afghan Taliban ex-finance minister has claimed that a majority of insurgents want a peace deal with government, but some hardliners have been misusing Mullah Omar’s messages to mar negotiations.

The Guardian quoted Agha Jan Motasim, as saying that some extremists in the movement are acting as warmongers, sending their own messages tagged with Omar’s name.

Omar fled to Pakistan in 2001 after his government fell and since then various factions claim to be acting in his name.

Motasim denied to the speculation that Omar was dead, but said he had has lost control of the Taliban’s public statements and communications with the government because he has not been in constant contact with his followers under the threat of drone attacks.

He further added that if Omar’s messages would have been in video or audio formats, the government would know it was him.

Motasim said the Taliban is aware that even if they succeed on the battlefield, they can’t run a government on their own. (ANI)