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Bigg Boss 7 Day 1: Contestants introduced to ‘Heaven and Hell’ on the first night

Mumbai, Sep 16 (): Salman Khan, who is hosting the seventh season of the reality show Bigg Boss for the fourth consecutive season, opened the doors of the house for the contestants as well as the guests on the first night in the house.

Based on the concept of ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’, the house has been divided into two parts. It is separated by a wired mesh and like its name, the hell side is low on comfort level.

Here is the official list of the contestants and where they were placed:

Housemate Day 1
Andy Heaven
Anita Heaven
Apoorva Hell
Armaan Hell
Elli Hell
Gauhar Heaven
Hazel Hell
Kamya Hell
Kushal Hell
Pratyusha Hell
Rajat Heaven
Ratan Hell
Sangram Heaven
Shilpa Heaven
Tanisha Heaven

Tanisha Mukherjee entered the Bigg Boss house first along with her mother, yesteryear actress Tanuja, and sister, Bollywood star Kajol. VJ Andy, dressed in shorts and blazer, followed her.

Tanisha and Andy, who took the heaven side of the house, were given the task to allot heaven or hell to other inmates.

Gauhar Khan entered the Bigg Boss house dancing to the beats of “Jhallah wallah” and “Duniya mein logon ko” and next came actress Ratan Rajput. While Gauhar was sent to heaven, Ratan was allotted hell.

Next entered celebrity couple Shilpa and Apoorva Agnihotri. Though they were husband and wife in real life, they were separated and Shilpa was sent to heaven, while Apoorva to hell. British-Indian actress Hazel Keech and TV actress Kamya Punjabi were sent to hell side of the house. Kushal Tondon was given hell, while Rajat Rawail went to heaven.

Newcomer Elli Avaram, who is a part of upcoming film ‘Mickey Virus’, was sent to hell. Because of his achievements, Indian wrestler Sangram Singh was to sent to heaven by Tanisha and Andy.

Actor Armaan Kohli and Pratyusha Banerjee were sent to hell side of the Bigg Boss house.

Anita Advani, who claims to be late superstar Rajesh Khanna`s live-in partner, was the last contestant to enter the Bigg Boss house and she was allotted heaven.

This year Bigg Boss house has been built in Lonavala and contestants will be locked inside for 105 days. As many as 74 cameras will follow them 24X7.

On the inaugural day, Akshay Kumar came to promote his upcoming film ‘Boss’. Comedian Kapil Sharma too joined Salman on the show for an act and he entertained along with Upasana Singh Ali Asgar, who are seen as his aunt and grandma in ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’.