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Amir Khan says his ‘Gloves’ gym helped reduce crime in Bolton

London, Sept 11 (ANI): British boxer Amir Khan has said that he opened a gym as he wanted to give something back to youngsters after building himself in a gym in his home town of Bolton, and that crime had fallen in the place because of his initiative.

According to The Daily Star, Khan expressed that the area was quite deprived as a lot of kids had to hang around in street corners, but now a lot of naughty kinds were coming into the gym and being trained as boxers.

In Bolton, everyone knows Gloves, although it’s referred to as ‘Amir Khan’s gym,’ the report said.

For 1 pound per session, kids of any age can use the gym, train in the ring or even do their homework in the office upstairs, the report added.

Amir said that parents and schoolteachers had to come to him to thank him for opening the gym, and kids were behaving better in school. (ANI)