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Ordeal by fire for RBI Governor says Dad

Chennai, Sep 10 (): RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan’ s father feels that his son is undergoing an ordeal by fire but will never run away from challenges.

R Govindarajan, a former diplomat in his eighties stays in his old bungalow in Indira Nagar part of Adyar. Speaking about his third child whom the markets are cheering and the media going gaga over him,Govindarajan said that now it is a honeymoon phase and all those who are singing praises will start saying differently when things do not match expectations.

He says that for a person who reaches a high position in the fall could be hurt badly but knowing his son he says that he would not get carried away by all this as he is a level-headed person.

Govindarajan points out that his son as the RBI Governor has said he has no magic wand to do away with the economic problems overnight. He says though the present situation is very difficult and is an ordeal by fire, Raghu is not the one to back off from a challenge.

He says that Raghu is a great sports lover and has played many sports like tennis, squash to bungee jumping. He did all this during his stint at IIM and was never a bookworm. While passing out from IIM, Raghuram as was the custom had to write about his batch-mates. He wrote a very short one on the topic ‘the games I did not play’. His batch-mates termed it as worthy of entering into Guinness Book of World records for the thinnest book.

Govindarajan says that his third son’s elevation as RBI Governor has overshadowed the achievements of his other children who are equally well qualified. Eldest son Srinivas, an IIT pass-out did his PhD in Colorado School of Mines on the topic of materials science and worked in Tata Steel before leaving for US.

Srinivas son is doing his dual degree in Wharton. Srinivas twin sister Jayshree teaches in Delhi and is married to a bureaucrat. The third son Mukund Rajan, younger to Raghuram, works for Tata Sons as a chief ethics officer and is the brand custodian. Mukund did his PhD in Oxford and is a Rhodes scholar.

Govindarajan says it could not have been possible to educate his four children if it was not for their academic brilliance that got them a scholarship. Raghuram had a stint in Tata Administrative Services before he left to join MIT where he got a full scholarship.

The entire family got together to celebrate the 80th birthday of Govindarajan. With Raghuram based in Mumbai where RBI is housed and his younger brother Mukund also in this city, Govindarajan is planning a reunion in Mumbai when Srinivas comes from US in December and Jayashree comes from Delhi.